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Rev. George W. Reeves - Husband of Melinda Burnett

Rev. George W. Reeves was married to Melinda Burnett and is the son-in-law of Alfred and Julia Burnett.  His obituary states his funeral was held at Broad Street Methodist Church in Lake Charles, Louisiana.  This church is now known as the First United Methodist Church.

I contacted the church to see if they had any record of Rev. George W. Reeves.   Melinda Losey, Guest & Membership Care Coordinator, responded and was extremely helpful in my search for information.  There is a church history book compiled by members titled “A History of the First Methodist Church”.[1]  This book contains information about George Reeves; an excerpt can be found below.  The book goes on to state that George Reeves was a charter member of the First Methodist Church and a member of Reeves Chapel.

"A History of the First Methodist Church", page 22
In the church library there is a photo of each of their past ministers.  Below is the photo of Rev. George W. Reeves that is hanging in the church library.

Photo Displayed in First Methodist Church Library

There are discrepancies on where George W. Reeves is buried.  During a 1971 cemetery reading  of the Orange Grove/Graceland Cemetery in Lake Charles a tombstone for George W. Reeves was located.  As well, during a 1994 cemetery reading of Richie Cemetery in Moss Bluff, Louisiana a tombstone for G.W. Reeves was located. Both tombstones have the correct birth and death date.  His death certificate states he was buried in Lake Charles.  There are many Reeves buried in Ritchie Cemetery and it is possible he is buried with family in Moss Bluff. 

George W. Reeves Death Certificate

[1] First United Methodist Church, A History of the First Methodist Church Lake Charles, Louisiana 1875-1965”, author and date unknown.

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