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Loren Elbert Burnett - Seventh Child of Alfred and Julia Burnett

Loren Elbert Burnett is the seventh child of Alfred and Julia Burnett.  In 1853 Loren was born in Biloxi, Mississippi.  At the age of two he moved with his family to Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

Loren Elbert Burnett had a first cousin named Loren Elbert Seaman.  Research is needed to determine if other Loren Elbert’s can be found up the family tree. 

In 1875 Loren married 15 year old Margaret L. Cooper.  Margaret was born 30-Nov-1860 and is the daughter of Daniel Cooper and Nancy Crumpler.

Loren and Margaret had 5 children.

1.    William Lander Burnett, 09-Jan-1878 to 03-Jun-1945.  Husband of Missouri Irene Gray.  Second marriage to Aments Clement.

2.    Ellen Burnett, Jan 1880 to ?  Likely to have died at a young age.

3.    Loren Fred Burnett, 22-Jan-1881 to 19-Feb-1949.  Husband of Margaret Zelma “Nim” Ware.

4.    Laura L. Burnett, Aug-1886 to 1966. Wife of Lewis Smith.

5.    Walter Jefferson Burnett, 28-Dec-1892 to 11-Feb-1983.  Husband of Josie Lee Dill.

Loren was a farmer and from 1880 to at least 1910 can be found residing in the Sugartown/Dry Creek area of Old Imperial Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. In 1912 Beauregard Parish was carved from Calcasieu Parish; after that, Loren can be located in Beauregard Parish Ward 6 residing near his nephew Luther Burnett.   Present day Ward 6 is the Ragley area.

Loren’s actual birth date is unknown.  His death certificate shows a birth of 04-Jul-1846, and tombstone lists birth as 04-Jul-1848.  However, he is not found in 1850 census and the 1860 census lists him as being 7 years old.  Being born in 1853 is likely the most accurate date because this is the year his parents provided when the household was counted in the 1860 census.

Loren died 27 or 28th of August 1923.  Margaret lived until 18-Feb-1937 and is buried next to Loren in the Dry Creek Cemetery in Dry Creek, Louisiana.   Next to Loren and Margaret’s grave, there are two tombstones that cannot be identified.  These could have been children of Loren and Margaret’s that died young.    More information about these tombstones can be found in the blog Dry Creek Cemetery – Una and Ella Burnett.

Interesting note - the 1920 census shows a 3 year old female granddaughter named Ana living with Loren and Margaret.   Ana was the daughter of their son William Lander Burnett.   Ana’s birth year coincides with the death year of her mother Missouri Burnett.  Possibly, her mother died during childbirth.  At age 14 Ana was still living in her grandmother’s household and likely was raised by her grandparents.  

Even though Loren lived until 1920’s, no photographs of Loren or Margaret can be located.  
Loren Elbert Burnett Tombstone, photo by Michael Burnett 2002.
Margaret L Burnett Tombstone, photo by Michael Burnett 2002.
Loren Elbert Burnett Death Certificate.


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