Sunday, October 5, 2014

Dry Creek Cemetery - Una and Ella Burnett

There are many Burnett’s buried at Dry Creek Cemetery located in Dry Creek, Louisiana.   Most are descendants of Loren Elbert Burnett and wife Margaret L. Cooper.

In 2002 I visited this cemetery and took photos of several tombstones.  Located next to Loren and Margaret Burnett are two tombstones which I cannot identify.  The photos of these two tombstones can be found below.

Una Burnett Born 1889 - Died in 1889.  Could this have been a child of Loren and Margaret’s who died at a young age?

Ella Burnett March 1867 to March 1884.  If Ella was born in 1867 she is too old to be the daughter of Loren and Margaret.   The earliest graves in this cemetery date from about 1880, so perhaps the tombstone is not correctly dated? 

Does anyone have information about Una and Ella Burnett?

For those interested in Dry Creek Cemetery; the cemetery history and gravesites are documented in a book called “Dry Creek Cemetery”.  This book was compiled by Juanita Miller Brumley and can be found in the Beauregard Parish Library.

Una Burnett, Photo by Michael Burnett 09-Mar-2002

Ella Burnett, Photo by Michael Burnett 09-Mar-2002

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  1. Ella's date of birth is ten years before actual date. Both Ella (Ellen) and Una are children of Loren and Margaret Cooper Burnett. Margaret's sister is buried under the cedar tree, possibly the first burial in the 1860s.