Saturday, February 28, 2015

William C. Seaman - Birth and Marriage

I am beginning in-depth research regarding my GGG grandfather William C. Seaman.  My connection to William Seaman is depicted in the chart below. 

I have located many documents concerning W.C. Seaman and now I am attempting to verify information concerning his birth and marriage.  

1)      There are online sources such as Ancestry and Find A Grave that mention his birth date as 16-Jun-1796.  The tombstone reads “About 1801” for his birth.  Some state the place of birth as Nova Scotia, Canada and other sources cite New York.   Does anyone have proof of his birth date and location?

2)      Online sources show he was married to Catherine Sheffield on 02-Nov-1828 in Rankin County, Mississippi.   Is there a marriage license or other evidence of this date and location?
Below is William C. Seaman's signature from a letter dated 05-Apr-1832 authorizing his brother in law, Sherrod Sheffield to act as his attorney and sell land in Wayne County, Georgia which belonged to his wife Catherine.
W. C. Seaman signature, 05-Apr-1832.



Monday, February 16, 2015

James Jefferson Burnett - Land Holdings

James Jefferson “Jeff” Burnett, my G grandfather, is the youngest child of Alfred and Julia Burnett.

In 1889 Jeff Burnett purchased 162 acres from the US Government for $16.54.[1]  This land is located south of LA Highway 12 in Kernan, Louisiana.  Kernan is located in Beauregard Parish, just west of Ragley.  Jeff and Leona built a home and raised a family on this land. The US Land Patent can be found clicking here.

After Jeff’s death, the heirs held the land until 1965 when they sold it for $16,000.  The party who purchased the land was as follows:  “Robert E. L. House, married and living with Adrienne House, born Parker and Gussie Vincent, born Reeves, wife of Lester Vincent, both residents of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.” [2]

Red boundaries showing Jeff Burnett land, Google Maps 15-Feb-15.
 Jeff Burnett purchase of land, US Tract Book Volume 20 Page Number 086

[1] 538.00546: US Tract Book Volume 20 Page Number 086 (Opelousas District)

[2] Beauregard Parish Courthouse Land Records, Book 220, page 18-19.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

The Succession of James Jefferson Burnett

James Jefferson “Jeff” Burnett died intestate on 25-Feb-1936.  On 03-Mar-1936 a succession was filed at the Beauregard Parish, Louisiana Courthouse. 

The following excerpt from the succession describes some of the cash and property owned by Jeff Burnett at the time of his death.

“Cash on deposit in the City Savings Bank of DeRidder, Louisiana. $2217.25

Cash on deposit in the Lake Charles Bank and Trust Company in Lake Charles, Louisiana. $1025.00

About 400 head of range sheep more or less, marked  – crop and underhalf in one ear and hole and underbit in other ear, branded with a diamond mark on the jaw, said sheep ranging around Kernan, Beauregard Parish, Louisiana.

About 10 head of hogs.

1 black horse

1 gray horse

1 cow and 1 calf.

1 Ford V8 1934 model Tudor.

1 lot of household goods, furniture, cooking utensils, etc.

1 lot of farm implements, plows, etc. “[1]

Since there were 9 children and one step child the division of property was complex.  The nine heirs of Jeff and Leona each received 19/180 of property and step son John “Ed” Williams received 1/20 of the property.  One of Jeff and Leona’s heirs, daughter Lilly, preceded her parents in death; consequently her three children each received 19/540 of the property.

In 2015 dollars, the buying power of the 1936 cash holdings is $55,000.00.  With that said, Jeff Burnett did not die a poor man.  

I have a scanned copy of the succession and will email to anyone that is interested.

In the next blog I will discuss the division and sale of the 162 acres of real estate.

[1] Beauregard Parish, Louisiana Courthouse, Succession # 581, page 2-3.