Saturday, March 19, 2016

Burnett Family Members Who Served in the American Civil War

Alfred and Julia Burnett’s family played an active role in the American Civil War.  One son and four son-in-laws were members of the Confederate States Army.  Amazingly, all survived the conflict.
The family members are:
  • Sherrod V. Burnett, son, who served as a private in Company K, 10th LA Infantry. At the war’s end he surrendered at Appomattox, VA.
  • Melinda Burnett’s husband, George W. Reeves, served as a private in Company A, Ragsdale’s Battalion, TX Cavalry.
  • Nancy Burnett’s husband, William C. Reeves, served as a private in Company K, 10th LA Infantry and the Army of Northern VA.  He fought in the battle of Gettysburg.
  • Dorinda Burnett’s husband, John A. Morrogh served a private in Company A, Waller’s Regiment, TX Cavalry.  John ran away from home and joined the army at age 15. 
  • Sidnah Burnett’s husband, Isaac Gilley, served as a private in Company B, 25th TX Calvary. Sadly, military records show Isaac was absent without leave and though Sidnah tried, she was never able to clear his name and collect a widow’s pension.
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