Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Our Canadian Connection

The first Seaman to arrive in America was Captain John Seaman.  John was from England and arrived in America about 1630. John Seaman and his family resided in Long Island, New York.  William Christopher Seaman, my GGG grandfather is a descendant this well established family. 

So how did William Christopher Seaman come to be born in Canada?

William C. Seaman’s grandfather was Benjamin Seaman of Long Island, New York.  During the American Revolution, Benjamin Seaman was sympathetic to the Crown or better known as a Loyalist.  A Loyalist is someone who sided with the British during the American Revolution.

Because of this loyalty to Britain, Benjamin’s home was seized by the Government and by the end of the Revolutionary War he and family were forced to relocate to Nova Scotia, Canada.  Canada was under British rule and the Seaman’s were granted land where they lived for the next 20 plus years.

It was during this time that William Christopher Seaman was born in Nova Scotia, Canada.  After his birth, William C. Seaman,  his parents and siblings returned to New York.