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William C. Seaman, Part I

William Christopher Seaman is my GGG grandfather and is the father-in-law of Alfred Burnett. William was born about 1797 and is believed to be the son of William Seaman and Elizabeth Brewerton Benson.

William was married to Catherine Sheffield, who is the daughter of West Sheffield and Susannah Sherrod. Catherine was born in Wayne County, Georgia on 11-Apr-1793 and is thought to be the mother of at least 6 of his children.  Catherine had been previously married to Ignatius Grantham and they had one son, West Grantham 04-Jun-1815 to 21-Sep-1894.

William C. Seaman’s children are:

1.       Julia Jane Seaman, 17-Aug-1820 to 07-Dec-1880, wife of Alfred Burnett.

2.       William Christopher Seaman, 1823 to Apr-1850, unmarried.

3.       Nancy Ann Seaman, 24-May-1826 to 4-Jun-1853, wife of Lazarus Seymour.

4.       Melinda Tison Seaman, 09-Jan-1827 to 28-Dec-1890, wife of Peter Leinhard.

5.       Henry Elbert Seaman, 1827 to 1901, husband of Patience Maranda Powell.

6.       Pliney E. Seaman, 1830 to 14-Oct-1889, husband of Ann Hutson.

7.       Sherrod Seaman, 29-Dec-1831 to 14-Nov-1904, husband of Susan A. Baxter.

8.       Benjamin Benson Seaman, 05-May-1833 to 24-Nov-1910, husband of Delphine Moran.  Second marriage Corean Bosarge, third marriage Idell Grelot.

9.       George Washington Seaman, 29-Apr-1837 to 23-Mar-1907, husband of Nancy Lyons.  Second marriage to Mary Isabella Porter, third marriage to Sarah Elizabeth Turner.

There is a lot of published information concerning W.C. Seaman’s public life, though less is known of his family life.   Here are a few bits of information about his private life.

A disposition of William C. Seaman Clerk of Courts Harrison County, Mississippi, taken at Biloxi, April 12, 1844. “That he has been an inhabitant of the vicinity of Biloxi since the year 1818.”

There is an affidavit in Wayne County, Georgia courthouse showing William C. Seaman married Catherine Sheffield Grantham on 02-Nov-1828.

There are documents on file at the Harrison County, Mississippi courthouse which show William C. Seaman to have the title of Esquire.  The title of Esquire is used by those in the legal profession, especially lawyers.

William operated a ferry across Back Bay in Biloxi, Mississippi.
There is a Seaman road near Biloxi which was likely named after William or one of the Seaman family members.

In October 1844, William deeded land to each of his children and died a month later leaving no will.

William died 23-Nov-1844 and Catherine died 9 years later on 09-Sep-1853.  They are buried next to each other in the Biloxi City Cemetery in Biloxi, Mississippi.
William and Catherine Seaman grave marker, Biloxi City Cemetery, Biloxi, Mississippi, photo by Michael Burnett, 31-May-2014.
William and Catherine Seaman grave plot, Biloxi City Cemetery, Biloxi, Mississippi, photo by Michael Burnett, 31-May-2014.
Seaman Road, D'Iberville, Mississippi, photo by Michael Burnett, 01-Jun-2014.

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