Saturday, March 7, 2015

Alfred Burnett's Descendants and Autosomal DNA

In an attempt to learn more about our Burnett heritage, I and other known Alfred Burnett descendants have taken an autosomal DNA test. 

Autosomal DNA test results, along with family tree records can be helpful in tracing your roots to about 5 generations or to your GGG-Grandparents.   Every human has 23 pairs of chromosomes and Autosomal DNA is found in 22 pairs of these chromosomes.  Autosomal DNA is inherited from both your father and mother.  You can read more about autosomal DNA by clicking here.

The popularity of the autosomal DNA test has brought the cost down to $100 per test.  As well, there have been recent breakthroughs in analysis techniques which have resulted in more accurate results.  Autosomal DNA is one of three types of DNA test used by Genetic Genealogist to aid in confirming relationships.  For more information about genetic genealogy, click here.

Through autosomal DNA analysis is how I found and confirmed the Isabella Burnett line.

Below is a descendant chart of Alfred Burnett and Julia Seaman. The green boxes represent the known descendants who have taken the autosomal DNA test.  All of the green boxes match with a high degree of confidence.  This genetic base-line will be useful in our search for Alfred Burnett’s parents.  The test results also will be used to help confirm who Julia Seaman’s mother was.

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