Tuesday, August 12, 2014

The Alfred Burnett Family

Alfred Burnett and wife Julia Jane Seaman (17-Aug-1820 to 07-Dec-1880), had a large family.  Together, over a period of 26 years they parented 10 children. The first 7 children were born in or near Biloxi, Mississippi.  The last three children were born in Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.

Alfred and Julia are my G-G grandparents and their children would be my Great Grand Aunts and Uncles.  All of the Burnett’s in SW Louisiana should be able to trace their lineage through one of the ten Burnett children. My line is through James Jefferson.


  1. Sherrod V., 18-Mar-1839 to 03-Jul-1922. Husband of Mary Gilley. 

  1. Melinda, 1841 to after 1880. Wife of George Reeves. 

  1. Nancy, 1842 to after 1880. Wife of William Reeves. 

  1. Dorinda, 17-Dec-1845 to 17-May-1913. Wife of John Morrogh. 

  1. Sidnah Virginia, 17-Aug-1847 to 18-Jan, 1928. Death certificate say birth of 17-Oct-1847, tombstone says 17-Aug-1847. Wife of Isaac Gilley. 

  1. William, 1850 to after 1870. Presumed to have died at a young age. 

  1. Loren Elbert, 1853 to 28-Aug-1923. Death certificate birth has birth of 04-Jul-1846, and tombstone lists birth as 04-Jul-1848. However he is not listed in 1850 census and in the 1860 census his age is listed at 7 years old.  Death certificate lists death as 28-Aug-1923, and tombstone has death of 27-Aug-1923. Husband of Margaret Cooper. 

  1. Elizabeth, Jan 1856 to after 1904. Wife of Thomas Gilley. 

  1. Isabel, 1859 to after 1870. Presumed to have died at a young age. 

  1. James Jefferson, 10-Mar-1865 to 25-Feb-1936. Husband of Leona Hagar. 

Sherrod, Sidnah, and Elizabeth married children of George and Pheriba Gilley.  Melinda and Nancy married sons of Isham and Nancy Reeves.  Needless to say there were many double first cousins!

I am missing the middle names of several of the children.  Does anyone have information to share about the missing middle names?

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  1. Michael, I have a bound copy of a Gilley history and genealogy that someone gave my mother years ago. I'll go through it and see if there's more information about all these folks.

  2. Debby, is this the "History of the Gilley Family" by Valma Fischer? If so, I have recently obtained a photocopy of the book from Valma's son. The book have a lot of information concerning the Gilley family and some info about Gilley's that married into the Burnett family. This book is no longer in print, so if you have a copy hang on to it. There is a copy of the book at the Southwest Louisiana Genealogical and Historical Library in Lake Charles.

  3. It's one and the same. I have no idea where my mom got it, but I will guard it well.

  4. I just came upon this blog thing and I am shocked to say the least! My mom is a Burnett and my dad was a Gilley! And they are both from Reeves, La area! My dads ancestors are George and Pheriba Gilley! I'm wondering if they were possibly related and don't know it? I would love to have a copy of the Gilley Family Book.

  5. My mother is a Burnett and my daddy was a Gilley, both from Reeves,La area! I know Pheriba is a Gilley ancestor and now I'm curious if my parents were somehow related? Is there any way I could get a copy of the Gilley family book?

  6. Jennifer,

    Please contact me directly from the blog front page contact box. I can help you determine your Burnett-Gilley connection. There is a copy of the Gilley book at the Lake Charles genealogical library.

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Michael Burnett