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Sherrod V. Burnett - Eldest Child of Alfred and Julia Burnett

Sherrod V. Burnett is the eldest child of Alfred and Julia Burnett. He was born March 18, 1839 in or near Biloxi, Mississippi.
The name Sherrod is thought to have originated from a relative of his grandfather William C. Seaman.[1] Recorded documents show the middle name as V., however a middle name of Valesco is often associated with Sherrod.  The name Valesco is of Latin origin and means “to grow strong”.  I have not located a connection to any prior Valesco's within our Burnett ancestry. 

In about 1855 Sherrod moved with his parents and siblings from Mississippi to Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana. 

The 1860 census shows Sherrod living with his parents in Lake Charles and is listed as being a sawmill laborer. 

During the Civil War Sherrod enlisted in the Confederate Army and was a private in  Company K of the Louisiana 10th Infantry Regiment. The Louisiana 10th Infantry saw action in many battles, including Bull Run, Antietam and Gettysburg.  More research is needed to determine if Sherrod was involved in these battles. A Civil War commemorative plaque and concrete marker can be found at the foot of his grave. 

In the 1870 census Sherrod can be found enumerated in the household of Dempsey Iles and was listed as a farm laborer. Dempsey Iles was a rancher and Civil War veteran who lived in what is now Beauregard Parish. 

In 1871 Sherrod married Mary E. Gilley.  Mary E. Gilley was born May 29, 1851 in Alabama and was the eighth child of George Gilley II and Pheriba Davis.  About that same year Sherrod and Mary had their first child Alfred Alexander Burnett.   Together, over a period of 21 years they had 8 children.

 1.  Alfred Alexander, 1871 to 19-Apr-1950. Tombstone says birth of 20-Nov-1870. Husband of Rosalyn Long. Second marriage to Clara Reeves. 

2. Livisa Frances, 01-Sep-1873 to 04-Sep-1943. Wife of Colin G. Long. 

3.  David A., 1875 to unknown. Presumed to have died at a young age. 

4. William Ciscero, 18-Mar-1876 to 10-Feb-1914. Husband of Mattie?  Murdered in Beaumont, TX.[2]

5. Sherrod Allen, 07-Nov-1897 to 10-Jun-1943.  Husband of Marie Hollier. 

6.  Mary Isabelle “Mollie”, 13-Jul-1880 to 24-Mar-1963. Wife of William Rollins. 

7.   Cora A., 30-Mar-1883 to 25-Nov-1962. Wife of James Blanchard.  Second marriage to James Kirby.  Third marriage to Brandon Cruthirds. 

8.  Sidney Ellen, 18-Dec-1892 to 23-Jan-1976. Wife of Cecil Biggert.  Second marriage to Grady Collins.

 From 1870 until sometime after 1900 Sherrod and wife Mary farmed in the Barnes Creek area of Old Imperial Calcasieu Parish. This area is now part of eastern Beauregard Parish and western Allen Parish.  During this time, there are two recorded Land Patents in Sherrod's name.  One tract of land was for 175 acres and the other for 80 acres.[3]  Both parcels of land are located between Ragley and Reeves, Louisiana.  A search of conveyance records at the Beauregard and Allen Parish courthouses could lead to  information to if the land is still in possession of descendants. 

Sometime between 1900 and 1910 Sherrod and Mary moved to Lake Charles.  In the 1910 census Sherrod and wife Mary can be found living in in the same household as their widowed son Alfred A. Burnett and his four children. 

In 1920 census shows Sherrod and Mary living in Ward 3 of Lake Charles and their widowed daughter Mollie and her three children were listed in the same home.   

The 1921 Lake Charles City directory lists Sherrod and Mary as living on Goos Boulevard.  This is consistent with a photograph in possession of Molly Herrin, granddaughter of Mary Isabelle “Mollie” Burnett.  The photograph is of a house with Mollie Burnett Rollins standing in front  The back of the photo reads “Mollie Rollins about 1922 or 23 at Grandmas old place next to 820 Goos Blvd. Lake Charles, LA.
House next door to 820 Goos Bvld.
Photo provided by Molly Herrin.
Sherrod died July 03, 1922 after suffering many years with paralysis.  After his death Mary lived with her children, including a time in Harris County, Texas with daughter Sidney Ellen.  Mary died  May 19, 1932.  

Lake Charles American Press, p. 1, 14-Jul-1922.
Sherrod and Mary are interned in Orange Grove Cemetery in Lake Charles which is now known as Graceland Cemetery.  Buried to the right of Sherrod is his wife Mary.  To his left is his son William C. Burnett's grave.  I have recently visited this cemetery and the graves of Sherrod and Mary have sunken and are in need of repair. 

Sherrod and Mary Burnett's Grave
Photo taken by Michael Burnett 17-May-14.

Sherrod V. Burnett tombstone.
Photo taken by Michael Burnett, 17-May-14.
Mary E. Burnett tombstone.
Photo taken by Michael Burnett, 17-May-14.

Civil War Plaque at foot of Sherrod Burnet grave.
Photo taken by Michael Burnett, 17-May-14.


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[2]“Lake Charles Man Shot Dead By Relative On Beaumont Street”, Lake Charles Weekly American Press,   13-Feb-1914, Page 8.
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