Monday, February 16, 2015

James Jefferson Burnett - Land Holdings

James Jefferson “Jeff” Burnett, my G grandfather, is the youngest child of Alfred and Julia Burnett.

In 1889 Jeff Burnett purchased 162 acres from the US Government for $16.54.[1]  This land is located south of LA Highway 12 in Kernan, Louisiana.  Kernan is located in Beauregard Parish, just west of Ragley.  Jeff and Leona built a home and raised a family on this land. The US Land Patent can be found clicking here.

After Jeff’s death, the heirs held the land until 1965 when they sold it for $16,000.  The party who purchased the land was as follows:  “Robert E. L. House, married and living with Adrienne House, born Parker and Gussie Vincent, born Reeves, wife of Lester Vincent, both residents of Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.” [2]

Red boundaries showing Jeff Burnett land, Google Maps 15-Feb-15.
 Jeff Burnett purchase of land, US Tract Book Volume 20 Page Number 086

[1] 538.00546: US Tract Book Volume 20 Page Number 086 (Opelousas District)

[2] Beauregard Parish Courthouse Land Records, Book 220, page 18-19.

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